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Do You Know The Score ?

Have you ever watched a football match without knowing the score? Strange isn’t it? You would see lots of running around but you wouldn’t know what is going on or who is winning. Without doubt the best football match I…

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Operation Inoculate

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a nice, peaceful and restful Christmas and saw in the New Year in safety. One of my friends contacted me over the Christmas period and said, “Why is your blog…

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Independence Day

This week, I celebrated My Independence Day. The day , 12 years ago I took control of my life and decided if the corporate world didn’t want me , I didn’t want it. Yes, it’s 12 years ago this week…

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I’m running out of rock icons

  The sad passing of yet another rock icon, Eddie Van Halen reminded me of this story. If you ever feel that you or your business aren’t where you want to be then this story might be of interest to…

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