The word Koru symbols new life, growth, strength and peace which is what we try and achieve for our clients.

Sally’s Profile

My core values are integrity, fun & making a difference. Every day I remind myself of these as a basis of Koru Connections in all aspects of the business. Helping young people through Unleash Your Teen’s Talents   , and in Property as Koru Property Solutions.

Now for my passion..

Young People around the world are facing a big challenge. The skills needed in the workforce are forever changing, so knowing the path to take is confusing. This, in conjunction with the pressure to perform in so many ways, is it any wonder young people are struggling?

Young people are our future leaders, our future parents & role models. To ensure they succeed as much as possible, we need to empower young people to discover who they are & what they are good at.

Unleash Your Teen’s Talents is working to transform the lives of young people globally by partnering with Talent Dynamics for Young People to deliver the No.1 Personal Development Pathway for Young People to Accelerate Confidence & Self Worth. Collaborating with youth organisations around the world, delivering this powerful program to the young people they work with from 9-16years &16-23years.


Kevin’s Profile

My core values are freedom, fun and making a difference.

I get up in the morning to help entrepreneurs with creator and star profiles who struggle to  implement their ideas stay focussed and take action. I do this by using my project management skills honed from 23 years in the corporate world, and various other tools like Wealth Dynamics .

I achieved financial freedom through property & now help people towards this goal, through my Property mentoring programmes.

Now for my passion..

I help people on their property journey by sharing my knowledge and I am a trained coach. I like to share what I have learnt through my property journey. Click Here.

I believe every business has the power to change lives by giving back through it’s everyday business activities. Doing this together with you is a simple but powerful example of putting that belief into action. When we have a new tenant, a new LinkedIn connection we change lives with the help of B1G1.